Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughts on actual dirt

I often look at the subtitle of this blog and smile.  To be honest, this blog is a downloading site for my brain, a place for my children to look back and see glimpses of a gentle time and a venue for all the conversations that pass though my head that do not center around trains or Toy Story.  But today--today I have something to write about dirt.  

The kids and I spent about 45 minutes digging in the garden transferring old compost onto a plot where the chickens had been.  This dirt was dark, rich and loose.  I almost giggled because I grew up with red, hard, dry clay, and this dirt seems decadent.  I wonder if spinach grown in extra rich soil becomes dessert spinach?  AND, I received half my seeds today.  I am itching to get started.  Tomorrow.  

And tomorrow I will show you my garden plan, seed selection, and this awesome little website that tells me what to do and when.  So fun.



  1. I am trying to garden again this year, and am very interested in what you have learned. I am still very new, and my dirt - very red.

  2. Chicken tractor...miracle worker! Although this dirt is amazing at baseline. Also manure. We have tons because of the goats, but any kind is good. Let me know what you try. You all are in eastern TN right?


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