Monday, January 23, 2012

Empty Feeders

Today is one of those wordy days, so I am inserting unrelated fun pictures from our vacation as rewards for reading.

Today has been one of those painful days when I struggle to reaccustom myself to a life of structure.  The baby moon is officially over.  Not that we are finished loving on Ollie!  But, we must return to work.  I am looking at our bird feeder hanging empty on its hook, and realizing that it is indeed time.  Unfortunately, even though my "time off" is over, my children have not stopped needing me, my house has not stopped getting disorderly, my clothes need tending to, and the animals would probably appreciate getting fed, so I must embrace the words of Isaiah 54:2 and allow God to stretch me (as if I need more stretching).

Enlarge the place of your tent,
   stretch your tent curtains wide,    
do not hold back; lengthen your cords,    
strengthen your stakes.

Dear Bible scholars, I know I have taken that one COMPLETELY out of context, but I don't think I am abusing it.  

This passage is addressed to a barren woman who is a widow.  Not me.  But I can relate to this verse, because it tells me that even though I am pretty sure I can't do the things I have set before me, God only requires that we make room for God's work.  If we are within the place of God's calling, God will provide the ability to fulfill it.  I just need to make room for God.  I feel very much called to homeschool my children and I am finding it hard to scoop together enough wits and courage and selflessness to do it.  (I am pretty sure my kids are young enough for me to be allowed some panic time with very few consequences.)  So, I am stretching, knowing I cannot fulfill this role, and trusting that God will care for these precious children.

Also, if it doesn't stop raining soon we are all going to start biting.

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