Friday, December 30, 2011

Learning curve

Here is one thing I have learned this week:

Doing the wash is a misnomer.  Don't even say that.  Refuse to be misled.  What we must say, here in the land of many children and activities, is, we are doing the LAUNDRY.  I know it seems like an insignificant difference, but I have learned you must never, never, never wash and dry more than you are willing to fold and put away.  Do not be tempted into a sense of false accomplishment by washing and drying that overloaded dirty clothes pile.  If you do, this is what might happen... is so worth it!  

Off to do a month's worth of cooking...have I mentioned how fantastic it was to have frozen meals?  Freakin'!


  1. Laundry...I only do it when I can follow through to the end so that means I often don't even get started. Then people start asking for underwear. :) That's motivation!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Stopping by from Company Girl Coffee

    Oh, the never-ending piles...I don't mind doing laundry, but it just never stops. So glad my 2 little girls love to fold their own clothes. =p

    Happy new year, and hope that laundry fairy stops by your place! hehe

  3. The laundry fairy seems to have gotten into the spirit of the holiday season and is really enjoying reading on the couch. Those fey folk are so unreliable.


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