Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Three

This year we did not open presents on Christmas day.  Looking at that sentence and thinking about all of the radical things people have done over the years to take a stand for faith, it seems like a very, very small step.  Luke and I have talked about celebrating Christmas separately from presents for years, and this year we finally did it.

We told the kids that we would not be getting presents on Christmas, but we would have a birthday cake. (We told them that the wise men were bringing presents on Epiphany)  (Turns out they don't care so much when as that they do indeed get to open presents)  Christmas morning we ate breakfast, dressed the kids for church, had naps, opened stockings (ok...I just couldn't wait for everything...babysteps), and played and ate with family.

To be honest, it was more of a change than I expected.  I didn't exactly want to open presents, it just felt different.  Unfortunately I did not feel like I was communing with God all day, but I could feel my spirit quiet a little.  It was a gentle day.  A day that I could feel my family around me.  A sweet, hopeful day.

So, I would say that I liked it.  It will take some work to shift my focus totally away from myself, but I liked it.  Also, when we got up on Monday morning and opened presents, I felt like Christmas was still here.  And on day three as we ate left-overs and enjoyed Christmas a little more I would have to say I am still liking it--this season of celebration.


Merry Christmas!

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