Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can you feel it?

I have never been so deliberate about dwelling in Advent before moving onto Christmas.  I have always gotten caught up in gifts and travel.  BUT...we aren't going anywhere and I am not even shopping until after Christmas.

It feels really nice.  I am excited about the gift of Christ and also extraordinarily excited about celebrating with my family.  I hope that you are also getting merry.  I hope you give your loved ones an extra squeeze, let your children be just a little extra wild (do you remember how exciting Christmas was), and reach out to those who are hurting this year.

If you are hurting this year, I hope that you also reach out.  In a perfect world we would all understand each other and know how to help, but the reality is we all just do our best which can be pretty disappointing.  So, if something is keeping you from celebrating, reach out.  Ask for help, offer forgiveness, find love.

Happy Advent!

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