Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent two

Today in our Sunday school class we talked about Advent (naturally) and we began to talk about how the Kingdom of God is like that moment in a novel when you realize that the protagonist is special.  He or she has an appointed task that they struggle to realize is their destiny, but when they do amazing things start to happen.  Well, the Kingdom of God is like that.  It is like a special power that begins to flow from Christ through you to the world when you accept the mantle of being an heir of God with Christ.  Cool, huh!

So I asked my class (the "kids" as Laine calls them) what special powers people would have in the Kingdom of God.  They are supposed to get back to me next week.  Healing and strength were already suggested.

As an unashamed lover of fantasy, I am thrilled by the image of the Kingdom of God being a fuller, richer  more abundant life here on earth.  One where we are part of something bigger and what we do matters.  So, my question to you is, what special power would/do you have in God's Kingdom?  Now, I do not like SiFi, so put all those weird ideas about laser shooters and mind rays out of your head.  I am talking about things that are possible, like healing, loving, noticing the poor, visiting the sick, touching the lepers.

Leave a comment below.

How does God use you in the Kingdom?

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  1. Micah would love anything with laser shooters but I'm with you on not liking SiFi. I think for myself I would have to say loving no matter what. It's also something that I hope I am teaching my children to do.


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