Monday, November 14, 2011


I have a confession to make: I fall dreadfully short of my own ideal.  Some days I can maintain vision and provide a space for my children to explore and grow.  Some days I lean into our moments and truly cherish my children.  And some days I tearfully wonder how I am going to make it to bed time.  I started out strong today, I really did, but somewhere along the way life began to get bigger than I could deal with.  So, I took a swing at the "baby blues."  I got out our happiest napkins, made our favorite easy foods, and...
We had a picnic in our living room.  
With lemonade.
And, yes, I fed my kids popcorn, quesadillas, carrots and cranberries for dinner.  They seemed happy, and my tears were forgotten.

Also, rolling up a quilt and shaking it out is a great way to do dishes!

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