Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saint's Day

Today is All Saint's Day.  Certainly not as popular a holiday as the one where we get to dress up and get loads of sugar from our neighbors, but one of my favorite days because it makes me think about what makes a life matter.  To be a saint, I used to think along the lines of miracles happening when you sneeze, but the people who come to my mind on All Saint's Day are those who have simply created space in their lives for God to be present.

On Sunday, Luke preached a great sermon on worship (EUMC 9:45...) where he pointed out that Genesis chapter three is not God's opening line.  In our church culture, we tend to talk about what we are not.  About what we can't do.  About all the ways sin keeps us from God.  But God's opening was to create out of love and declare that God's creation was good.  Through Jesus, the resurrection, and grace we are free to live like God's good creations.

If you read any of these missives, you have no doubt become either tired of or curious about the Kingdom of God.  I hope that today, God will show you the way that God's saints (including you) bring God's Kingdom to earth, now.

Today I honor saints in my life:


And many many others who bring God's love to my life.

Feel free to leave the names of saints in your life.

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