Thursday, October 6, 2011


Terrible two give way to the magical threes.  That's what they said in my childhood development class.  Well, I am learning that text books are much easier to write than children are to raise.

There is nothing terrible about being two.  There is a whole lot of emotion, a whole lot a energy, a whole of charm and a whole lot of "time out."  My first child (of two first children) is an intense, bright and tender child.  Luke and I are struggling to help him learn how to manage himself and grow into a secure, loving, selfless person. I have learned to live by the feed it, rest it and run it model.  Laine can go from irrational meltdown to charming in one granola bar.  For twelve whole months I kinda understood this complex being.  

Now, we are entering a new phase.  Magical threes.  I love this age.  I frequently get assigned a character for the day, and am not allowed to deviate.  This morning Laine cryptically asked for the "crab thing."  Once I discovered that he was asking for my kitchen tongs, he spent the next hour giggling and chasing me around "getting" me.  I love that he gives concerts that are so passionate and extended that he gets blisters.  I love that he offers to start prayers at youth group (daddy's "kids").  I love that he lives fully and abundantly.

What I don't know/love/understand is the new aggression, need for control and struggle for self and space.  The poor child got a glimpse of college football last Saturday and I had to put him outside.  He about tore the house down.  I am praying daily for wisdom, patience and humor.  I am not sure what each new day will bring, but I do know that this great calling to parenthood is worth the incredible levels of confusion and uncertainty.  Sure, I miss the toddler, but I am so thrilled by the person that is appearing before my eyes that it is certainly worth it!

I just wish he would quit appearing before my eyes after bedtime...  

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