Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not Alone

You know, pregnant women are nuts. Universally. You may not say that because you are not pregnant, but I am and I may. What drives a pregnant woman to NEED to have the windowsills and garage cleaned out "before the baby comes," even though it is doubtful the baby will ever come into contact with said surfaces? The rational person would say it is because everything needs to be in order, but I am starting to think that that is only a very small part of it. I am starting to suspect that crazy pregnant women are actually trying to prove that they are not alone--that the community you instinctively know you will need is actually there for you...and listening to you. The truth is, the garage needed to be cleaned out. The other truth is, I couldn't do it. The deeper truth is that when I need the garage cleaned out or compost piles moved to the other side of the garden or the pasture mowed, I am really wanting to know if you are with me and if you can hear me.

And you are; and you can.

And the garage looks darn good.

Luke, you are awesome.

PS This does not mean telling me that you are here and can hear will achieve the same thing. Pregnant women are crazy.


  1. I love this post... of course I am pregnant and crazy. But still, love.

  2. All women want to know their husbands are here and can hear them, not just the pregnant ones! That shows they cherish you! Pregnant women might ask for crazy jobs to be done, that's the difference! Sounds like you hit a home run Luke!


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