Sunday, October 9, 2011

AND Then There's Me

Darryl Dayson At EUMC's VBS
Yesterday I excelled at being quintessentially me.  Our Duke summer intern at Etowah UMC, Darryl Dayson, married our unofficial Duke summer intern, Jessica Ligon.  They got married somewhere halfway between the other side of Charlotte and the end of the world.  It took about two and a half hours to get there in our "Adventure Van," but of course we had two three errands to run on the way.  It was a six o'clock outdoor wedding (which was exquisitely beautiful), so I had to feed the road-weary children and pregnant woman before the service started.

Are you starting to understand that this was going to be a busy day?  Well, apparently I didn't.  Because...

I decided that I really NEEDED to wear this dress I have been trying to finish.  AND Annabel should wear a dress that really was just about done.  AND Luke should have that new bow tie I have the fabric for.  AND Laine should have one to match.  "Sewing is fast.  I can get it done in no time."

Also, we should have a leisurely morning and not start applying ourselves until at least 11:00 am.

We were on time.  Annabel and I were wearing our new dresses.  Luke loves his new tie.  Poor Laine...danced like a madman in his sad, store-bought tie.  He is still jazzed up by the "princesses" and candy bar. we were dressing Annabel to leave, I realized, after spending a whole morning at home sewing, SHE WAS WEARING HER LAST CLEAN DIAPER...

Hence the three errands to run on the way.  How can you forget to wash the diapers?  Oh the joy of being me...crazy crazy me.

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