Monday, October 17, 2011

Closing in

You know that moment that you realize that some long awaited event is practically upon you?  The time has come for me to stop planning what I want to do before this baby comes and just get rested up.  It is time to look my children in the face and tell them I love them.  It is time to make sure my nest is comfortable.  It is time to wash and fluff those beloved newborn items.  And yes, it is time to pack my bag.  

As I soak up these (obligatorily) slow days, I try to take moments (between shortness of breath, heartburn and general fatigue) to look around me and be where I am.  I listen when Annabel tells me, in our own language, that there is a tiny spider on her up-down (see-saw).  I pause to snap a picture when Laine does when every man does at some point in his life.  Wear underpants on his head.  

I pause to marvel at our chickens.  Laugh at the silly goats.  And say yes a little more than usual.  

Several people have asked how I manage everything.  The short answer is, I don't.  I have lots of help and I have lots of messes.  Really.  Please don't expect much if you drop in, but please do.

But, I have been learning some things.  I have been working on the laundry today, so I will start there.  First, one laundry basket per person.  Clean, folded clothes go in each person's basket.  This means you can find what is yours, put your stuff away, and if the kids are napping, I can put their clothes in a specific place.  Also, I fill up the washer every night and start it but leave the top open so it soaks all night.  In the morning I close the top, let it spin, and freshly washed clothes are ready for the dryer before breakfast is over.

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