Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated Laine's third birthday.  Yes, he did appear as Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger for a good portion of the day.  We celebrated joyfully with friends and family out in the yard.  It was a fantastic, mountain, September afternoon, and we romped in the backyard/sideyard/frontyard with abandon.  Every day I find new reasons to wish my brain had a bigger hard drive.  I hope I never forget the way that Laine hugged his friend Mason for each of the gifts he received regardless of whom they were from.  I hope I never forget that when I read him the first birthday card addressed to "Laine," he quickly corrected that he was Buzz.  I hope I never forget that my sweet boy picked a Bible story as his birthday theme.  Happy Birthday dear Laine!  You are quite loved!

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
This year he requested a Jonah cake.  Seriously.  Despite Pop Pop eating the whale's lower jaw and not having black food coloring (I swear I had some...) the Jonah cake was a reasonable success.  It was a whale, not a shark, and I had green jello for him to throw up with Jonah...but I got stuck on the mechanics of jello and cake and no soggy bottoms and forgot to make a Jonah.  So, there it is, Jonah cake minus vomit and Jonah.  But I remembered the candle and the frosting, so I think all was forgiven.

 Our decorations and activities were simple, and I think I got to enjoy this party more than any other.

Tip to moms of multiple children living in limited space.  Have a present theme.  This allows people freedom to be creative and fun without filling up your space with toys you can't manage.  We chose painting this year.  The beautiful gifts were thoughtful, manageable, and useful.  Also, Wishpot is a great tool.

My little three year old is quite grown up today.   He has adjusted to the fact that he is no longer two and officially passed that mantle onto (big, strong) Henry (the green train).

Also, since our families came in, my dad was around for several days.  He managed to finish the chicken tractor!  He worked for two days and broke his thumb (sorry Dad), but there are four happy chickens living in the chicken tractor.  The kids were thrilled to have the chickens in a smaller space for improved viewing.  Laine even helped catch one chicken during the grand chicken-installation.  We have very tolerant chickens.

Pop Pop and Buzz Lightyear in front of the Chicken Tractor

For those of you who have been itching to know what a chicken tractor is, a chicken tractor is a mobile coop that has a run and an enclosed roosting area.  I selected the "ark" design from Catawba ConvertiCoops with the run below the roost.  The areas communicate with a movable drawbridge!  The chickens are let out of the roosting area during the day where they scratch and fertilize the area within the run.  Once the ground is thoroughly scratched, degrubbed and fertilized, you move the whole contraption over a few feet and let them start over.  I plan to use it in my garden plots over the winter to replenish the soil where we have been gardening and loosen soil where we plan to garden.  After the chickens are done with an area (about two weeks) I will plant a cover crop and leave it until spring.  I hoped to get better pictures today, but it is just plain ugly out.  We will wait for sunshine.

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