Friday, September 9, 2011


Things I really must do:
  • Finish the darn chicken tractor. I will post pictures...I am not talking about this.
  • Get the stupid baskets emptied. You know the ones that you take out to the car to help you empty it out and end up being full for ages!  Yay!!
  • Wash the window sills. I can't help it...I'm pregnant.  Three done, several to do.
  • Find a workable framework for preschool at home. So far I am liking Charlotte Mason. Please don't point out that preschool is a waste of time and I don't need to worry about starting organized learning until my kids are at least potty trained. Laine needs projects. He asks fifty times a day to do a project. So sue me for getting excited early. Anyway he is super bright (just ask me, I am very objective).  Still loving Charlotte Mason.  We have made leaf rubs.  I think I have three kinds of oak trees right in front of my driveway.  And, gumball trees are actually sweetgum trees.  And sweetgum trees are actually sycamores!  Laine cared very little for this.  Almost three year olds do not care what kind of tree the awesome acorns fall off of; they just want to throw them.
  • Plant the fall crop. I am thinking lots more spinach and broccoli this time. Also, excited about the possibility of a wheat crop. It's Luke's idea. That reminds me...Bunnies ate our fall crop...
  • Order wheat seed. Cover crop...I am pregnant...super farm next year.
  • Make Laine and Preggie's fall wardrobe. Looking into fair trade material. Getting excited about the options. There are more and more options for the home sewist who wants to support fairly made material AND notions! Near Sea Naturals and have caught my eye so far.  Having so much fun with this one...except I have nothing done for me, one pair of pants and one sweatshirt for Laine, and three and a half dresses for Annabel...GIRLS ARE WAY FUNNER TO SEW FOR.  Also, the budget dictated upcycling and thrifting this year.  Not quite fair trade, but I am trying!
  • Powerwashed porch
  • Trimmed bushes...badly
  • Tamed toys
  • Tried to clear kitchen counters

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