Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Miracles keep happening around here!  I finished another project.  No, not the laundry.  Or cleaning up the toys.  No...something vastly more fun!  This is a pattern called Gavyn found on Ravelry.  I modified it a bit (it was a long-sleeved pull-over to begin with) because Laine requested buttons and a vest would fit better under a jacket.  Yarn is Some kind of wonderful alpaca.  I can not find a tag...anywhere.  


The box pattern is super easy.  I was really annoyed about how many button holes there were until I remembered that that was my modification.  

 No, we hardly ever reach the end of the day with pants on.  That is just too much of a pain.  

And you can't have a picture session without this cute face.  She said "ptheeths." (cheese)

So, there you have it.  Fall sweater #1 done.   Let's not talk about the part where Laine tried on the baby's snuggle bag and frogged about two rows.  *sigh*

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