Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I Stay Home

This week has been brought to you by becoming two. Laine is struggling to transition from complete dependency to partial independence. He is a delightful little twirp and I find it both exhausting and fulfilling to help him grow up. I am committed to staying by his side as he struggles through immaturity to adulthood. I love him deeply, but I now understand why my mother used to say she was my parent not my friend. It is a pleasure to enjoy my child's company, but I must fight to maintain my individuality so that when he is disobedient or makes a poor choice, I can parent him without emotional entanglement. It is so tempting to become dependent on my children for joy and happiness, but it is not fair to them or myself.

By the way...I really hate disciplining. I never knew that moms participate in the agony of time out quite so deeply.

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