Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nature Points

This week I have been walking with Luke to try to shed a few of the pounds I gained over the last few years. Mostly I attribute them to babies but a few of them are nursing school and a few are aging and a few are a relaxation of my eating habits.

We found a great park to walk in in Brevard. It is a rails to trails affair, and I love the vehicle-lessness of it. I also love that it winds through some woods and over a creek. Luke and I vie for "nature points" won by correctly identifying something along the way. I am winning 6 to 2. Luke said he would have gotten five points for catching a snake, but I scared it away (I got one point for correctly identifying it as a snake).

I am scared that someday I will forget these moments. How gracious is our God that God gave us abundant life! How gracious is our God that God gave us memory.

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  1. Glad you are finding great things about our community. I am enjoying reading your blog. But, it is letting me take the easy way out of getting to know you. :)


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