Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry for the long pause

So I recently took a group of 9 women to the beach for a weekend of retreat. We taled about our lives and learned healthy living habits from each other. I really enjoyed the time away and had many thoughts about dirt. I thought about how where you live determines many of your thoughts about dirt. I have always wondered about how I would feel with such sandy soil. It certainly would drain well, but would it hold nutrients? What about the luscious smell of dirt? What about worms!? Sometimes I wonder how much the dirt we are raised on shapes us. For instance, would someone from sandy soil prefer the tough, thick grass that grows at the beach? Would they look at Kentucky Bluegrass with suspicion? And what about water. You would have a completely different relationship with water when there was so much of it. If it stormed every day, it would feel different to water your grass...where I live I always feel a little wasteful watering my grass.

Update on my dirt dilemma. I have found a place to go (gasp) buy dirt. Now I just have to decide how much dirt I need. Really, if my great great great grandparents (whoever they were) found out about this, they may have refused to procreate.

On a dirty note, I have started the Simple Mom spring cleaning challenge. I will be following her steps although at a much slower mom of an infant, part time job, clergy family pace. I am hoping to get through her 10 days in less than a month. I will be posting before and after pictures of my messes. If anyone has any advice please leave me a comment or two.

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